Meet Your Guide

Heather Chalon, MPH

Some things you may like to know about me

It is my life purpose to help others answer the questions I am asking you to consider and step into a new vision of creating and living your life on Earth. I have been there – and back a few times. Now with clarity found I enjoy the spirals of life, even when I see what may at first seem to be the same thing happening again… now I am different and have wisdom and power to create something new and profound for myself and with others.

I am a transformational artist; fempreneur who has created a thriving public health consultancy and educational offerings in transformational and sustainable community programs globally; internationally acclaimed Tao healing arts teacher and mentor (tai chi, qigong, meditation and tao y’in-Chinese yoga); fierce and loving woman-centered transformational Guide, facilitator, leader and mentor; international workshop and symposium presenter and speaker; survivor of near death experience/illness that brought me off the path I was on, amazing as it was, to wake up to my true purpose; Mother (at age 43 naturally after healing from near death); lover of humans, nature, dogs, music, water especially the ocean, and the majesty of the Sonoran desert.

In addition to earning a Master’s Degree in International Public Health, I have extensive international business experience including serving as Director of Training and Development, Global Marketing Manager, Global Marketing Communications Manager with two of the world’s largest Corporations – in their innovation and entrepreneurial teams- and a fast paced start-up software company, in addition to managing director roles in private international sustainable development organizations and consulting engagements with indigenous communities across the USA to create programs for health promotion and leadership development.

Since childhood I have known I was here to serve humanity as a healer, artist, leader. I found my way to ancient Chinese wisdom growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area – in the 60s I didn’t know the healing arts of Asia were not yet well known everywhere. I just knew they felt like home to me. The tai chi symbol, representing balance and harmony ever changing (also known as the yin/yang symbol) felt like a part of my being. I have studied many ancient wisdom traditions, lived with and studied with Tao masters on 4 contents including while living in the People’s Republic of China in the 1980s. Since then I have trained participants on 5 continents and certified more than 500 tai chi instructors making tai chi more accessible (local and free of ego/safe and effective for the participant).

Dolphin energy has always been with me. Childhood friends may remember the beautiful dolphin that accompanied me to the starting blocks at swim meets. I love swimming with her in open seas. She has even come to me in an ocean where dolphins do not reside…she finds me and we commune. I feel her guidance thus: she in water, I on the earth- peaceful and gentle with deep inner strength. Maintaining balance and harmony in the world.

My passion and awe for these practices continues to deepen as I apply them to the continuous unfoldment of my life and lives of others. I am ever inspired by the wonderful people who join in creating community of well-being.


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