Making world-class Tao Arts with their powerful healing qualities, available and accessible to everyone for health and wellness.    Offerings including Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, Chinese Yoga.

I enjoy sharing live experiential online and in-person courses for  beginners and supporting the ongoing progress for those who are or become curious explorers on The Path.   Programs include tai chi and qigong fundamentals thru in-depth tai chi and qigong training.   For those who see these practices as a way to deeper their own exploration by sharing with others,  I offer  instructor certification through workshops and self directed study; skill development workshops; personalized instructor mentoring; working with professional organizations and agencies to create and sustain tai chi and qigong programs delivered to people of all ages and stages of life.

As a trained public health professional and consultant my primary focus as TCHI Master Trainer  (A Master Trainer is an individual who is trained and authorized by Dr Paul Lam and the Tai Chi for Health Institute to train and certify instructors) , is on Tai Chi for Health Institute’s core program, Tai Chi for Arthritis, for Falls Prevention. It has been shown to prevent falls, reduce pain, improve physical and cognitive function, enhance self-efficacy, relieve depression and increase health related quality of life. This evidence-based program is recommended by The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Administration on Aging (AoA), Arthritis Foundations around the world, Departments of Health Services across the USA and around the world.

As a Healing Tao Senior Instructor I offer a path for becoming a certified Healing Tao instructor.  This empowers people to continue to evolve their own practices while also sharing with others-  the fundamental Tao practices for health, self-discovery,  love, joy, and well-being.

I train instructors where ever I am invited so that they can go on to offer safe, effective, enjoyable classes in their local communities. Being a passionate advocate for health empowerment, I delight in watching people grow in their own Tao Arts practice as a delightful, nourishing life-style while growing to become accomplished instructors. The programs I share provide a wonderful platform for personal and professional development for those who are looking for something they can apply to serve others, while taking good care of themselves at the same time.

Thank you for visiting.   I welcome you to explore this website and to be in contact with me.   Wishing you peace and happiness.   I will be honored to see you on The Path.