Inspiring Global Community of Wellbeing

teaching the art of embracing simplicity to utilize complexity

“As we learn to self-actualize by loving, healing and transforming ourselves, we become empowered to serve others to love, heal and transform themselves. Together we can love, heal and transform the world”

Tai Chi for Health; A Community Approach

Who is this for?

Calling leaders and decision makers responsible for creating and delivering sustainable programs for health caring, prevention, maintenance, work place wellness in their local community or across their global network.

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Together we will map a path of training, mentorship, culture, collaboration, community that leads to real results in health improvement and wellness management, reduced expenditure on health challenges, empowered individuals taking charge of their own health and wellness.

Everyone can benefit from adopting lifestyle change to promote health and reduce risk of disease. We need to know how to make use of natural options and low-cost, low-tech alternatives to the kind of high-tech medicine that we rely on now. Dr Andrew Weil, father of Integrative Medicine.

Movement in Health

Calling all women in health care professions self identified as change makers, visionaries, those yearning to become involved in re-creating the current state of health care.

This program may be for you if you are ready to step in to:

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Inspired action to empower yourself by taking charge of your life and destiny path.

Learning the steps to Self Actualize on your unique path to Influencing the sea change already awakening yet seeking leaders who can disrupt old paradigms and beliefs to create new cultures and systems.

We will incorporate the most efficient lifestyle practices available to women for integrating health and wellbeing on all frequencies- body, mind, emotions, spirit as we embody state of the art techniques for mastering self-leadership in any climate to be the change maker and fulfilled woman you desire to be in this life.

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Ancient Wisdom traditions, transformational learning, modern science for thriving Today and everyday

This is for you if you are an individual or lead a group or organization seeking more balance, harmony and vibrant energy in all of your interactions.

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Gentle yet profound Healing movements and dynamic meditations for an agile vibrant body, healthy balanced emotions, calm clear creative mind, loving joyful peaceful heart and so much more
Curated series of on-demand lessons and scheduled mentorship live events with recordings

“Heather is a rare and gifted teacher. I find she teaches effectively to any stage of development that student is at with Tai Chi. She has the ability to create a safe, respectful, and relaxing environment where the student is affirmed and builds confidence in their own capacity. I have personally found this capacity in a teacher is rare, and I value it highly. Heather models the essence of what she teaches, which makes her teaching so powerful. I have benefited greatly in learning the power of Tai Chi as a lifestyle, for my overall health and well-being.”

Cheryl De Chiantis PhD
Kairios – Values in Action. Executive Leadership Coach
“Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful work with the RN Patient Advocates Learning Intensive. You help to create unity and an expanded awareness of wellness. Your work with the students is a vital piece of this program.”

Karen Mercereau
Founder iRNPA

What’s Different About Us?

Cosmic Dolphin Transformational Training Coaching Mentoring

Are you feeling like we are living in a state of unsustainable?!? Your life, your business, your projects, the world…

what if you lived from a place of knowing balance and harmony is natural…
though it may not be what you think.

I’ll show you how to:

  • harness the intrinsic energy of your true nature and align with the power of Nature to nourish and cultivate your unique life path,
  • be the calm human serving as a beacon of light in the storm,
  • make the contributions you are here to make (have you been feeling a yearning or calling for something new, something different than the path your are on?)
  • to cultivate the resources and relationships required to flourish,
  • step into a new vision of who you are and who you can become

If it feels like it is time to rise and shine for yourself, family, community, the world then these lifestyle practices may be for you.

3 Easy Steps

How Does It Work?

Step 1

It will be my honor to join you in an exploratory conversation to come up with a path that is best for you and determine clear and specific next steps. Please complete the form below so we can get started.

Step 2

Contract with me for consulting and/or training and mentoring services for your organization. Contract with me for your VIP and/or Group Coaching and Facilitation incorporating ancient wisdom and modern transformational learning strategies and structures for your best lifestyle and continuous growth as a leader and change maker.

Step 3

Chart your path, implement your program, track successes and learn from the whole experience, set new sights on what is next for you and/or your organization

Meet Your Coach

Heather Chalon

Some things you may like to know about me

It is my life purpose to help others answer the questions I am asking you to consider and step into a new vision of creating and living your life on Earth. I have been there – and back a few times. Now with clarity found I enjoy the spirals of life, even when I see what may at first seem to be the same thing happening again… now I am different and have wisdom and power to create something new and profound for myself and with others.

Apply for a Free Consultation

  • Are you ready to start creating what you choose over settling or making things work in a less than optimal set of external circumstances?
  • What will it feel like to apply your time and energy to what matters and receiving the outcomes you desire?
  • What does it cost you if keep going down the same road?
  • What if you can release what ever has been holding you back and step in to a greater vision of what is possible?
  • Where could you be in the next 6 months living from that new vision?


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