Tai Chi, Qigong, Tao Yoga Inspiring Community of Well Being

Heather Chalon, MPH, Public Health Consultant • Tucson, AZ

25+ Years Experience in Taoist Arts, a Master Trainer Tai Chi for Health Institute, National Board Member Tai Chi for Health Community and Certified Instructor.

Inspiring Community of Well Being by Empowering People to Health & Wellness

Karen MercereauKaren Mercereau
Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful work with the RN Patient Advocates Learning Intensive. You help to create unity and an expanded awareness of wellness.  Your work with the students is a vital piece of this program.  Karen Mercereau, Founder iRNPA
Skylar KhanSkylar Khan
The Qigong classes led by Heather Chalon, MPH were a very important healing element in my recovery from lung cancer surgery and chemotherapy. Personally, I felt that the Qigong exercises put me intimately in touch with the various organs to the point where an internal discourse was possible. Through visualization and mindful concentration of healing energy aimed at the lung, liver, heart, etc. the vital functions are enhanced and self healing is made possible. I will continue Qigong practice, to maintain optimal health. I am very grateful for the exposure and recommend Qigong to anyone struggling with recovery, no matter ...
Cheryl De Ciantis, Ph.D.Cheryl De Ciantis, Ph.D.Kairios - Values in Action
Heather is an extraordinary teacher. She creates a safe and loving environment for experiencing the energy that qigong and t'ai chi practices create, and creates an atmosphere of shared and supportive well-being in her group sessions. Heather is full of wisdom, not only about how to correctly practice the traditional form, but about what the qigong and t'ai chi practices mean, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She has the remarkable ability to 'see' what is happening for a student, and can shift long-held patterns with a comment or touch, so that everything suddenly flows. I have delivered and received teaching ...
Vicki KaufmanVicki Kaufman
“I come to class full of anticipation.   I leave feeling peaceful and strong.”