Upcoming Tai Chi for Health and Qigong Events

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Skill Builders in Arizona: https://heatherchalon.com/tai-chi-for-health-skill-builders-sun-style/

Free Tai Chi for Health at Pima County Libraries – series listing

Mentorship for TCHI Instructors at the following public classes with Heather on  Tai Chi for Health,  Balance, Falls Prevention / Sun Style
1) St Philips in the Hills Church.  4440 N Campbell Road, Tucson.  Music Hall.  Mondays and Thursdays 9-10 am.   Registration at events@heatherchalon.com.  Contact Heather to establish guidelines for mentorship.
2) Pima County Public Library Classes.  see list

Instructors seeking mentorship, contact Heather at heather@heatherchalon.com to make your needs known.   Together,  we will make a plan.


QIGONG:             Saturday August 10, 2019.   11am – 2 pm  TUCSON

Healing Tao –  Opportunity for gaining tools and practice for health and wellness –  spirit, mind, body, emotions.     Qigong is beneficial for Tai Chi (a special form of qigong) enthusiasts.

This qigong session will include 8 Sections of Brocade,  Qi Self Massage for Rejuvenation,  Morning Routine for Vitality, Balance, Harmony.
2 hours credit toward   Healing Tao Associate Instructor Certification.

$35 per person.

TAI CHI FOR HEALTH, Sun Style:           Saturday August 17, 2019.  10am – 2 pm    TUCSON

Sun Style Tai Chi – Opportunity for Skills Development for all levels, including instructors,  while gathering in Community of Health and Wellness.

10- noon.  Tai Chi’s inner structure and principles, all levels.  Using TCA set to apply skills to forms.  Practice moving in stillness to cultivate Presence, Awareness, and Harmony.  $25 per person.

noon-2 p.m.  for those who have attended from 12-2 p.m and are familiar enough with either/both TCA2 / Sun 73 to comfortably follow as we work on the flow of the set, and refine forms.  $40 per person (10am-2pm).

Where: Jr League of Tucson, 2099 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718.

Both EVENTS-  Registration Required.  email events@heatherchalon.com.
Payment can be made at PayPal “send money” to heather@heatherchalon.com  or www.paypal.me/heatherchalon  or mailed to Heather Chalon 1700 E River Rd, #64422, Tucson, AZ 85728


Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention Instructor Qualification and Updates/Re-certification. 

*For people who are already certified in TCA and/or TCAFP,  Seated TCA certification may be added.  See details for details.  Register at TCHI.org.


Flagstaff,  Sept 4-5

Tucson, October 26-27.


October 18-20.  Heber City.    I will be facilitating with Dr Lam.

October 18,  Exploring 5 Elements Qigong.
October 19-20  Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention.


August 29-30 Sheridan, Sheridan YMCA 417 N Jefferson Street

September 26-27, Cody. Paul Stock Recreation Center


Mark Your Calendar

One World, One Breath – World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, Last Saturday of April each year.  Stay tuned for details.  Powerful 10am ceremony – gathering Qi,  revving it up with Tucson love and compassion, and sending it on to the next time zone.

Qigong/ Healing Tao –  Practices for Everyone / Healing Tao Instructor Certification series in the works.  Please communicate your interest at heather@heatherchalon.com

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