Tai Chi for Health Programs


Heather Chalon, MPH with Dr. Paul Lam, TCHI Founder and Dr. Richard Carmona, MPH, 17th US Surgeon General

Tai Chi for Health Institute – Classes and Workshops for Beginners Through Advanced Practitioners:

Path for Instructor Training and Certification Qualification
CEUs option for Health and Wellness Professionals:

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) and Falls Prevention;  TCA Part 2;  Seated TCA
  • Tai Chi for Rehabilitation
  • Tai Chi for Heart Conditions
  • Qigong for Health, 5 element qigong

Tai Chi for Health Institute’s instructor qualification offering in qigong includes breathing exercises especially beneficial for relaxation and inner energy in this simple and easy to learn qigong set.  Instructors are taught how to deliver safe and effective classes to their participants along with the basics of Five Element theory and fundamentals of qigong.   With pre-workshop forms preparation and completion of written assignment and satisfactory completion of 2-Day in-person workshop.Current Tai Chi for Health Instructor may be eligible to attend a one day Qigong for Health training to add this credential to the Tai Chi for Health instructor qualifications.

Mentorship for certified instructors:

  • In-person half-day immersion in forms and teaching method practice
  • Live, interactive remote video conference two to four hour immersion in forms and teaching method practice
  • Special pricing for repeat participation in 2-Day instructor training workshops
  • Assist Heather Chalon, Master Trainer at classes and workshops by arrangement

Learn Forms and Purpose of additional Tai Chi for Health programs

  • Tai Chi for Diabetes
  • Tai Chi for Energy & Tai Chi for Energy 2
  • Tai Chi for Beginners