Tai Chi for Health Skill Builders, Sun Style. Tai Chi principles for all styles

Like to organize a Skill Builder in your area?  Just ask.   Tai Chi for Arthritis (including Seated and TCA Part 2), Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, Tai Chi for Heart Conditions, Tai Chi for Energy, Sun 73,  Wu Style, Inner Structure of Tai Chi,  Qigong as a tool for developing Tai Chi skills.

Please help spread the word – find flyers to download and print


 Currently,  in lieu of the typical 4 hour Skill Builders,  since there are January and February 2-day workshops to join in Tucson, which will offer opportunities for skills development,  I am offering a  a “Just for Fun” basis with a special fee.  Instructor Certification in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, Tai chi for Heart Conditions,  and Tai Chi for Arthritis Updates/Re-Certificaiton are available. 

See Upcoming events.  

Watch this space as new dates are posted for Tai Chi Skill builder workshops – half day events.

General  INFO:

Tai chi Skill Builder trainings:  1/2  day practice sessions designed to help participants develop their skills in Tai Chi  and teaching tai chi health programs. 

Mentorship for TCHI Instructors at the following public classes with Heather
Tai Chi for Health,  Balance, Falls Prevention
St Philips in the Hills Church.  4440 N Campbell Road, Tucson.  Music Hall.  Mondays and Thursdays 9-10am.  Mentorship available on Thursdays.
Library Classes.  see list

Instructors seeking mentorship, contact Heather at heather@heatherchalon.com to make your interest known. Together we will develop a plan.


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