Compassion in Action

Heather and Tanya ITK 2015Tucson, AZ. I am basking in the glow of the annual one week ITK Retreat. Serving families with special medical needs. We prepare all year for this amazing event. We are creating a health and wellness model based on Whole Child: Whole Family: Whole Community. BEing the butterfly effect – every thought, every action makes a difference.

A few years ago I was honored when ITK founder Shay Beider asked me to take on a more global role in addition to sharing qigong, tao meditations, and tai chi with the participant families and the ITK family of volunteers. I was curious as she shared her vision and I grinned ear to ear when she made her request…of course, I said, YES. I became resident Loving Presence. I know there are many other people involved in ITK who embody this way of being. That is why my family is so committed to serving.

Holding open space for all the love, compassion, family, inspiration, vulnerability, trust, courage, individuality and more to shine through… no matter what conventional norms may say ‘should be’ experienced. Being present to see what is actually happening, and ease flow to ever more harmony, more healing, more well-being – in all its many faces.

For some, I introduce new ideas about how one may perceive life, for others the retreat offers a bit of time to touch into practices tried in the past, still others find that the wonderful feeling found in the practices inspire them to gift themselves time to continue after the retreat.

In all, everyone is so touched by the retreat it is difficult to distinguish who is volunteering and who is receiving a week of restoring self, family, community despite the ‘odds’. When one sees what our participant families encounter on a daily basis, it is a quick cue to get into a attitude of gratitude, get over yourself, and participate fully in life.

Every thought, every action makes a difference. We each get to choose how we make a difference. Knowing your very Presence IS enough.

While at the retreat I made a recording of the Power of the Inner Smile meditation. Stay tuned, with a little help I’ll get out it to everyone asap.

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