Reflections of Spring , Summer 2015

What a wonderful gathering we had in Tucson to celebrate World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, 2015. We’ll intend to meet on the last Saturday of April, 2016 at Himmel Park. We enjoyed gathering Qi as we played Qigong and Tai Chi together, and enjoyed demonstrations of various tai chi forms, qigong, fan and more.

Thanks to those who joined us for two wonderful Tai Chi for Health Workshops in May (2015). Eleven participants took the first step in evolving as Tai Chi for Health instructors were certified to teach the intro/core program. We have an opportunity each month to develop skills with Skill Builder workshops, open to everyone. In addition to weekly classes on Tuesday afternoons and at various locations around Southern AZ.

In June I enjoyed sharing a Fundamental Taoist healing meditation: The Power of the Inner Smile workshop at the International Tai Chi Symposium / Annual USA weeklong workshop with Dr. Paul Lam. What a wonderful group gathered in Pacific Grove, Oregon. As a participant I enjoyed deepening tai chi skills with daily morning practice of Sun 73 forms with other Senior trainers and Master Trainers of TCHI, culminating in a Senior Trainer training intensive with Dr. Lam. For five days I enjoyed playing for the first time with Chen 36 forms. What fun to apply principles and find the flow with a form I’ve not previously played – what a great way to refresh decades of Wu style practice with a beginners mind!

For the first time ever, Dr. Paul Lam comes to the south-west USA. He accepted my invitation to come to Tucson. Now we are ramping up for the big event – Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis:Fall Prevention. Workshop to be held Thursday/Friday October 8-9, 2015. This is the evidence based, CDC, Arthritis Foundation, Council on Aging recommended Tai Chi program. Open to everyone who has a basic ability to flow through the TCA and TCA II patterns. See more details on my website, and at

Stay tuned as we look to bring TCHI Master Trainer Marty Kidder back to AZ for a certification workshop in early 2016.

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