Tao Fundamentals

Power of the Inner Smile
Pure love for yourself, others, the world, what is… experience the healing vibration of the smile as you journey to the depths of your inner universe, to the vast reaches of the outer universe – Beaming your infinitely deep love, appreciation, peace, and feel it all smiling back to you, resounding I Love You, I Support You.


The Way of Qi Self Massage: Rejuvenation
Qi Self Massage has been practiced for thousands of years as a tool for youthful maturing through the life process. It involves engaging one’s infinitely deep internal energy source to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, teeth, skin) and the inner organs. Regular practice, in the moments of the day – the pauses – (as little as 5 to 10 minutes) can benefit one’s overall health in remarkable ways, including general stamina, happy disposition, outer beauty of lustrous hair, radiant complexion, and healthy mouth/teeth.
How does this work? Qi self-massage clears blockages from energy channels (meridians) of the senses and organs, which are understood to be interconnected, interdependent. Organs store and generate emotions. The senses are first to receive influences of the outside world (tension, anger, fear, etc) which can then lodge in the organs/nervous system and appear as irritability, mood swings, indigestion, overeating, restless sleep or insomnia, etc. Strengthening the senses helps to manage emotions – restoring peace, maintaining aligned and balanced emotional states, expressed as love, courage, harmony, gentle power (rather than force), kindness and ease, general sense of wellbeing. Strong senses help to prevent an overload on the nervous system – and support living from a place of choosing how to respond to life’s events rather than reacting. Thus, one may experience improved emotional, personal, social life and feel aligned with one’s life purpose.


Five Animals Frolic Playing Six Healing Sounds – a playful combination of Six Healing Sounds and Wu Xing Gong
Perhaps the most ancient of qigong sets. Invoke sound, gentle movement, color – and the spirit of the tiger, bear, deer, crane, monkey to release old patterns that no longer serve (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and restore your natural rhythms of wellness and well-being. Standing moving form (yang) and seated gentle movement form (yin).

Wu Dang Five Animals
WUDANG WU XING GONG, Wudang Five Animal Qigong is one of the most important exercises practiced by Wudang Taoists. Historically Wudang Taoists were required to practice these five forms daily. This practice is comprised of five major forms including Tortoise, Snake, Dragon, Tiger & Crane. This grouping of forms is derived from some of the most powerful & treasured creatures in traditional Chinese culture.

Zhan Zhuang: The Art of Internal Power and Strength
Simple standing postures to strengthen Your whole-self. Deep Yin power inside, true Yang strength outside. Organs, blood, bones are strengthened. Postural alignment is guided to a naturally easy state as you reconnect with feet on the earth and listen within to subtle guidance to open flow through joints, tendons, muscles, revealing the integrity of skeletal structure. A great way to hear and understand your body. An excellent preparation for t’ai chi.

Eight Sections of Brocade
One of the most ancient, and commonly practiced qigong sets. Movements are adapted for standing or seated practice. This set is characterized by movements facilitating expansion and contraction, opening the energy pathways throughout the body.

The Power of Yin
A women’s workshop designed to support women into resuming their natural state of personal power. Yin is deep, intuitive, receptive, nurturing, sensual, peaceful, and more. When women operate from their natural yin state, they are able to carry out their passion, purpose, authentic voice with beauty, love, and grace….Ahhh!

Qigong at Work
simple, brief, effective practices for the busy workday to release tension and stress; let go of repetitive movement patterns before they ‘hurt’; restore natural mobility; rejuvenate, increase creativity and inspiration, foster collaboration and team-work.