Professional Testimonials

Cheryl“Heather is a rare and gifted teacher. I find she teaches effectively to any stage of development that student is at with Tai Chi. She has the ability to create a safe, respectful, and relaxing environment where the student is affirmed and builds confidence in their own capacity. I have personally found this capacity in a teacher is rare, and I value it highly. Heather models the essence of what she teaches, which makes her teaching so powerful. I have benefited greatly in learning the power of Tai Chi as a lifestyle, for my overall health and well-being.” ~ Cheryl De Chiantis PhD,  Kairios – Values in Action.  Executive Leadership Coach

Karen“Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful work with the RN Patient Advocates Learning Intensive. You help to create unity and an expanded awareness of wellness.  Your work with the students is a vital piece of this program.”  ~Karen Mercereau, Founder iRNPA



Mary Koithan“Heather,  thank you for your long-time support, friendship and dedication to the College of Nursing at the University of Arizona.  Your skills and integrity while sharing of tai chi and qigong for our community is much appreciated.” ~ Mary Koithan, PhD, CNS-BC, FAAN, Associate Dean for Student Support and Community Engagement,  Ann Furrow Endowed Professor



“Time spent practicing Tai Chi makes your time at work more focused and creative, helps you manage stress, makes your interactions with coworkers more efficient, and gives you the energy to work longer, more productive hours…Employers all across the nation are recognizing just how important a heathy workplace and a healthy workforce are improving productivity as well as to controlling health-care costs… wellness programs have achieved a rate of return on investment that ranges from $3 to $15 for each dollar invested, with savings realized within 12 to 18 months.”
Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
(Harvard Health Publications)