Heather Chalon


Thank you joining us on this joy-filled journey of love and compassion.

What calls us to take these steps together?
The answer will be unique and personal.

The primary goals of the Tao practices I feel called to share are;

  1. Activating within / on all levels of life – healing, love, and kindness to ourselves as we develop compassionate hearts and a wholeness of BEing;
  2. Helping, healing, and loving others from the energies of love and abundance we receive from the forces of nature, heaven, and earth;
  3. Learning about our Original Essence and allowing it to bloom within ourselves.

In other words: Heal oneself, love oneself, love others, allow.

In Brief: I offer evidence-based programs including movement, breath, sound, meditation, diet, and lifestyle choices. 30+ Years experience in Taoist Arts; Masters Degree Public Health; Master Trainer Tai Chi for Health Institute; Senior Instructor  and  current board president Healing Tao Instructors Association, Certified Instructor  Universal Healing Tao System, Qigong, Nei Gong, Tao Meditation, Tao Y’in (Chinese yoga), Iron Shirt/Golden Body; Faculty Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Presenter/Tai Chi Expert  Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, Expert Practitioner and Instructor of Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

As a holistic health advocate, offering programs inspiring community of well-being, I incorporate ancient traditions melded with modern science as a foundation to my education format. The purpose of what I do is to transmit a wisdom-body of knowledge, providing world-class training in self care, self growth, whole-life tools through qigong, authentic t’ai chi, and tao yoga. My depth of experience has helped stroke, and cancer survivors, post-surgery recovery, rheumatoid patients, children and adults of various circumstances to regain, replenish, and maintain their natural health and vitality.

“As we love heal and transform ourselves, we love, heal and transform the world”Heather Chalon Tai Chi workshop may 2015

I am a consultant to health services organizations, including Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), Wyoming Department of Health,  New Mexico Department of Health,  Pima County Department of Health,  Arizona Fall Prevention Coalition,  Falls Prevention Institute.   For ADHS I lead a pilot program in Tai Chi for Fall Prevention by training health educators across the State to deliver safe, effective, fun tai chi for health classes using Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention system.

Employers engage me train staff to delivery tai chi and qigong for worksite wellness – relaxation, rejuvenation, inspiration, creativity, team building, and more. School and youth camp directors engage me for programs that inspire young people to BE who they are naturally, playful, loving, kind, courageous, confident, wise, curious, creative. Senior living communities engage me for supporting people to maintain/improve balance, mobility, immune system, pain management, restful sleep, socialization.

Throughout my career, the practices of t’ai chi and qigong have served as my foundation for maintaining stamina, balance, creativity, inspiration, and leadership. Team breaks included qigong practices. Personal daily practices – even arriving in Asia, Africa, or Europe, I found a place outdoors or moved furniture as needed in hotel rooms to play t’ai chi, which helped me align with a new time zone and rejuvenate and focus. I have extensive international business experience including serving as Director of Training and Development, Global Marketing Manager, Global Marketing Communications Manager with two Fortune 50 Corporations, and a fast paced start-up software company, in addition to executive roles in private international sustainable development organizations.

A Wandering Taoist….
How did I become interested in qigong? Let’s say it is a calling, that grew into a Knowing. As a kid growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was fascinated by the people practicing in China town and Golden Gate Park. My parents had to pull away from the shops selling all things to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine in China Town. The Yin/Yang symbol was so familiar to me. I didn’t know that this was all relatively new to the West, to Americans. I just knew it felt natural. Eventually, teachers would tell me “you are one of the people who will help transfer the knowledge of East to West”.

After completing a BA in Asian Studies at Whitman College, I began playing Qigong (chi kung) and T’ai Chi in 1986 while living in the People’s Republic of China. I gained expertise in traditional Wu Style T’ai chi, numerous other Qigong forms, medical qigong, Chinese (Tao) yoga, and the principles of balanced living according to the ancient traditions of the Tao. I have studied extensively, thousands of hours, with masters in the USA, China, Belgium, Germany, and New Zealand (including Grand Master Mantak Chia, and Grand Master Shi Mei Lin)  in addition to my own decades of personal practice. I continue to train with Wu style t’ai chi masters as well as medical qigong, Taoist and other spiritual masters. In addition to earning a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Arizona, I have studied multiple modalities of Oriental healing systems and approaches to wellness.

…born teacher
We are all endowed with natural gifts and talents. One of mine is teaching – a diligent student of subjects I am passionate about leads me to sharing of information I have gathered and processed, as well as from life experience, which can help others on their life journey. Teaching has taken many forms. So, it came naturally over the years that I evolved from informal teaching, more frequent requests of others desiring to learn, and more importantly, masters I was learning from saying it was time I dedicate myself to teaching the practices and perspectives the world is waiting for and truly needs.   Over the last two decades I have taught thousands of participants on four continents.

tried and true…
I have tested these practices by navigating through my own l health crisis in 2002/3.  During this phase I encountered a “Near Death Experience”  and related fall-out mentally, financially, emotionally and more that powerfully revealed to me that I was to refocus my life in order to heal and to share the Tao practices with many people – serving as a bridge between western and eastern understanding of health and wellness.  The blessing of the devastation was that it sent me deeper on my path as a Wandering Taoist, including immersion in Tao practices on 3 continents over several years.  The practices were again put to the test in 2006, supporting a natural, healthy pregnancy and transition into motherhood after a complicated and life threatening labor and delivery for both of us at age 42.   And then unexpectedly creating a life of mother and child together on the Path.  With a great sense of purpose and grounding,  it is a pleasure to share with those who feel called, while we continuously learn and grow,  and enjoy community in the fields of Qi.

My passion and awe for these practices continues to deepen as I apply them to the continuous unfoldment of my life and lives of others. I am ever inspired by the wonderful people who join in creating community of well-being.

I provide a personalized approach to nurturing individual needs and desires to actively participate in one’s own health, to take charge in their own well-being, and to truly live life fully, one precious moment at a time.