Upcoming Tai Chi for Health Events

Classes run throughout summer! Weekly tai chi and qigong classes and all events, Details on Calendar

Free Tai Chi for Health at Pima County Libraries – series listing

Tai Chi for Health Skill Builders       Saturdays         Monthly        9-1pm

TCA/FP Workshop, Casper Wyoming              Sat-Sun     August 26-27, 2017            9:00-5:0

TCA/FP Workshop, Phoenix AZ             Saturday         September 23-24, 2017                 9am-5:00

Tai Chi Retreat (Oracle)                     Fri -Sun     October, 2017             2pm-2pm 
This workshop is tentative.  Please email me with your interest in joining us for a Friday evening, all day Saturday, Sunday morning retreat Fall, 2017.  heather@heatherchalon.com


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