Tai Chi Instructor Training and Mentorship

Heather with Dr Paul Lam, TCHI Founder and Dr Richard Carmona, 17th US Surgeon General

Heather with Dr Paul Lam, TCHI Founder and Dr Richard Carmona, 17th US Surgeon General

Already certified?  Now what?

Join us for weekly classes – enhance your tai chi skills,  assist in teaching class, lead groups and receive feedback – positive points for improvement. See schedule.

Attend monthly Skill Builder workshops in Tucson. See Schedule.

Not in Tucson?  Contact Heather to schedule Skill Building/mentorship sessions in your area. heather@heatherchalon.com

How to become a certified instructor or how to re-certify: 

Instructor Certification Workshop April 20-21, 2017:
Tai Chi Health – Arthritis/Fall Prevention (TCA/FP),
Offered in Tucson: Conducted by Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI) Master Trainer Becky Rahe. Facilitation and on-going mentorship by Heather Chalon, MPH, Senior Trainer TCHI, Master Trainer in training.
TCA/FP (basic 6 and advanced 6, both directions). Ideally participants have 20-200 hours of experience in the program prior to taking the workshop for purpose of gaining tai chi instructor certification.
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***Options: become a certified tai chi instructor, update your certifications, earn CECs/CEUs (OTs, MTs, PTs, Nurses, Teachers, etc). Click here for more info
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14 CEUs available per 2-day workshop. Tai Chi Instructor Certification.
The program offers a great way to immerse oneself in an enjoyable, professional tai chi experience. Studies have shown the program to be safe and effective. The program is endorsed by the Centers on Disease Control, National Council on Aging, Arthritis Foundation. Reasons to come include learning to help others improve overall health, balance, memory, manage pain; learning 12 forms of the Sun style, qigong warm-ups and cool downs; improve your own health; understand how tai chi works for health/arthritis; to experience Dr. Lam’s teaching methods/improve your own teaching skills; learn how to start a class and enlist support from others; earn 14 CECs, CNEs. The program is geared for those with some experience in tai chi, teaching tai chi, health and wellness professionals. Instructor Certification is an option for those who would like to share tai chi in a safe and effective manner whether with family, friends, colleagues, or in the wider community.

Classes and Workshops in tai chi and the related Tao life arts are offered to support personal, professional, leadership development of certified instructors and practice leaders throughout Arizona.
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