Help Spread the Word: Flyers for Tai Chi and Qigong events

Thank you for downloading and distributing through your own email list or posting in social media and/or printing flyers to help us spread the word about upcoming local events.  These are just a few of the events I am leading.   If you need a flyer for an event listed on my calendar,  please let me know by emailing


Save the Date for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day April 28,  Dr Lam in Phoenix Enhancing Sun 73 October 26, Depth of TCAFP October 27-28.  Flyers coming soon.

Lake Havasu City TCA Skill Builder,  Feb 1  Tai Chi Skill Builder LHC 2-1-18 _external

Tucson, February 16-17, 2018 TCA, TCAFP Instructor Qualification Training:

Harmony Tai Chi for Fall Prevention Flyer Final

January 27, Tucson Skill Builder Flyer

Phoenix, March 20-21, 2018 TCA/TCAFP, Seated TCA Instructor Qualification Training”Honor Tai Chi for Fall Prevention Flyer Final

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Upcoming Tai Chi for Health and Qigong Events

Look for Weekly tai chi classes and other tai chi, qigong, tao yoga events, Details on Calendar

Evidence-based, Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention: Heather Chalon, MPH, MT presenter Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition, Phoenix, AZ Jan 10, 2018

Drexel Heights, AZ Senior Citizen Safety Academy.   Tai Chi for Fall Prevention presented 9-11:30 Jan 24 and Feb 15.   Registration is free.  Contact Tracy Koslowski.  520-419-5863.   5030 S. Camino Verde.

demo by Senior Trainer Susan Cooper and other certified instructors. Northwest Fire District Health and Safety Fair.  March.  Details coming soon.

Heather Chalon,  MPH,  Master Trainer:  Presenter – Alzheimer Association Conference.  Presentation and interactive demo.  1 hr Continuing Medical Education credit.   details coming soon.

Skill Builders in Arizona:

Tai Chi for Health:  TCA and TCAFP Workshops:  Instructor Qualification,  Re-certification, “Just for Fun” options.    Register at

TCA/TCAFP, Albuquerque, NM     January 30-31 (Tues-Wed), 2018 9am-5pm .  8:30 check-in opens

TCA/TCAFP,  Tucson, AZ              February 16-17 (Fri-Sat), 2018 9am-5pm.       8:30 check-in opens

TCA/TCAFP, Phoenix, AZ              March 20-21, (Tues-Wed), 2018 9am-5pm.       8:30 check-in opens

TCHI Annual  Tai Chi Pre-Conference, Oregon  June 2-3,   Conference June 4-10

TCA/TCAFP,  Jackson, WY            June 21-22 (Thurs-Fri), 2018 9am-5pm.         8:30 check-in opens

TCA/TCAFP,  Casper, WY             June 25-26 (Mon-Tues), 2018 9am-5pm.        8:30 check-in opens

Dr Paul Lam joins us in Phoenix, AZ   October 26  Enhancing Sun 73,  Oct 27-28 Depth of TCAFP                                                                           (through TCA2)


Free Tai Chi for Health at Pima County Libraries – series listing


Tai Chi for Health Skill Builders, Sun Style. Tai Chi principles for all styles

Like to organize a Skill Builder in your area?  Just ask.   TCA, TCR, TCE, Sun 73,  Wu Style, Inner Structure of Tai Chi,  Qigong as a tool for developing Tai Chi skills.

Please help spread the word – find flyers to download and print

Tai chi Skill Builder trainings:   ‘intensives’ designed to help participants develop their skills in Tai Chi for Health’s evidence based, CDC recommended program Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) for Fall Prevention.  Includes Seated TCA. With a path for developing Sun Style 73 forms.  Instruction and practice.   All levels.  We will break into groups as needed to meet individual goals.   Exploring Tai Chi principles that apply to all Tai Chi forms, and deepening understanding of unique characteristics of Sun Style. 

Who should attend: all tai chi players and instructors of tai chi,  who are familiar with the program, at a minimum – the qigong warm-ups and cool-downs and the basic 6 forms both directions, with a willingness to follow along with more advanced forms.  If your primary interest is Sun 73 forms,  please attend the whole workshop – we will explore forms and principles throughout the session and will not repeat movements already covered in the first two hours. 

Note: The basic skills can be obtained by DVD or Dr Lam’s online courses if participation in this workshop series appeals to those who would like to develop a Tai Chi for Health practice and an intensive is the best option due to one’s own schedule in contrast to weekly classes by our team of certified instructors. (see calendar for ongoing classes)  

TUCSON -January 27,2018 (Saturday).  noon-4pm Dance Studio, Junior League of Tucson Inc, 2099 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718.   Note: noon-2 TCA/TCA2, noon-4 Sun 73.  If your interest is in Sun 73, please attend all 4 hours, as skill development of forms will take place throughout the entire session.  Registration:  $20 for TCA/TCA2.  $30 including Sun 73. Space is limited.  Reserve your space by emailing, specify which session(s) you will attend.  An email will be sent to you with payment options.

Havasu City- February 1, 1:30-4:45.  Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center, room 155/156. TCA for instructors and anyone who would like to practice TCA, TCA/FP program. Hosted by WACOG.   Lead by/ Contact Senior Trainer, Terry Crews –, 209-914-5487.

PHOENIX – exact date TBD April, 2018 Saturday, 11:30-12:45 Experienced practitioners,  1-4 pm Beginners and new instructors**.   Ability360, 5025 E Washington, Phoenix, AZ.   TCA skills. 
** Note: If you are working on TCA2 and/or 73 forms and would like to practice together/gain feedback, please join us at 11:30.  Registration:  1-4 pm,$25. **$35 11:30-4, includes TCA2/Sun 73 skill development.  Space is limited.  Reserve your space by emailing, specify which event(s) you will attend.  An email will be sent to you with payment options.


Dates coming for TCA/FP Skill Builders in Havasu City and Yuma. Please let Heather know in advance of your interest,  and to ensure you recieve notification.